Our story

The Meets is a plant-based restaurant, cafe, juice & cocktail bar. In 2016, we started our journey in De Pijp with our 80/20 food concept: we serve 80% vegan and 20% meat/fish/dairy. We wanted to - and still want to - let experience as many people as possible how delicious plant-based food is, without being dogmatic. So if you or your friend want to add an egg, cheese or some meat or fish to your dish, that is also possible. But why would you? Once you have tasted our plant-based dishes, you will be surprised how tasty vegan can be.

All our dishes are lovingly made by hand from locally sourced, honest and, if possible, organic ingredients free from refined sugars, additives or other nasties.

In 2019, we opened our second restaurant in the popular Java neighbourhood. In our two locations we serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and ‘borrel’ snacks. We have a regular menu that changes with the seasons and weekly specials that our staff is happy to tell you.

Our drinks menu contains organic wines, exclusive beers from small local breweries and festive cocktails designed by award-winning cocktail shaker Eric van Beek. Both our locations have been designed by Studio Noun in collaboration with illustrator Piet Paris.