Welcome to The Meets, the healthy and delicious eatery and take-away in Amsterdam. Here, wholesome meets lekker, meets fun. All our dishes are lovingly made by hand from locally sourced, honest and, if possible, organic ingredients. We like to follow the 80/20 rule: 80% plant-based, 20% animal produce – although the main rule is 100% lekker!

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Do you want to enjoy our meals at home, in the park or somewhere else? That’s all possible of course. You can pick it up yourself (you will then get a 10% discount; call us or order in the restaurant) or you can use UberEats or Thuisbezorgd.   Thuisbezorgd.nl Uber Eats

Amsterdam Oost

Delicious and surprising dishes, a unique vibe, a great location.

Amsterdam Oost

Sumatrastraat 28, Amsterdam, Netherlands